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Triton Airways, LLC

Mission Statement

"Kentucky's Premier Regional Air Charter Operator with world class safety and service ..."

Company History

With an avid interest in aviation and travel, along with other aviation investments, we decided it was time to start TRITON AIRWAYS.  Through their own, less then tolerable experiences with major airlines, their interests sparked and the desire to offer private air travel began.  TRITON AIRWAYS is a Kentucky Charter Operation and with Triton’s featured aircraft, the King Air 200, private chartered air travel is not only safe but affordable.

Triton Airways private airline

Regional Air Charter

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as wire transfers are accepted



Management Profiles

Charlie Schepacarter, Triton Director of Operation
Mr. Schepacarter has been in the Aviation field for more than 50 years and has flown with airlines such as Continental and Altair. Charlie has flown impressive and historic aircraft such as the DC-9, DC-10, Beech 99, ND-262, 737 and the A300. Charlie also spent time as a ground instructor and check airman for the airlines and after his career spent over 10 years as Chief Pilot in the 135 charter world.  Charlie’s history and experience has allowed Triton Airways establish effective and efficient training and operation practices while also raising the bar in aviation safety.
William H. Burk, Triton Chief Pilot
Lt. Colonel, USAF (Ret.) & Captain, American Airlines (Ret.) Began his impressive career at Florida State University Class of 1970.  Burk served as a T-38 Instructor Pilot at Reese AFB until the summer of 1974. He was assigned as an Aircraft Commander in the KC-135 Minot, AFB until the fall of 1978. Col. Burk was selected to fly the U-2 aircraft at Beale AFB, completing over 175 successful operations before his transition to the SR-71 (Blackbird) in July, 1981, Flying over 75 declassified missions.  In 1985 Col. Burk was selected to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, J-3, Joint Reconnaissance Center. In 1988 Col. Burk was assigned to be the Director of Air Force Technical Applications Center, at Patrick AFB, Airborne Nuclear Collections Division. In this capacity he coordinated multi-platform worldwide collection operations persecuting suspected nuclear events. From 1991 through 2012 Mr. Burk worked for American Airlines as a pilot in the Boeing 727, 757, 767, and 777. Mr. Burk then served AA as a simulator instructor in the 757 & 767 until 2015. In February 2015 Bill qualified in the PA-25 Pawnee as a banner tow pilot and has just joined Triton Airways flying the King Air. In his 40+ year career as an aviator, Bill has flown the lowest and slowest, to the highest and fastest, aircraft available. He brings a unique experience and expertise to our dynamic flying organization.