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Logistics Management

Flight scheduling is available 24 hours a day 365 days per year. A simple phone call is all it takes to advise our scheduling team of a proposed trip. Our trip coordinators take care of aircraft and crew scheduling, arrange rental cars, catering, and a variety of other special requests. A detailed itinerary is provided prior to each flight. We guarantee to provide peace of mind for your business or pleasure travel needs. We hold the highest of standards for travel logistics for our clients so they can experience exceptional travel. Whether you are seeking a comfortable environment to work in-flight or relax and dine with friends – we are here to cover all your bases.

Consistent and Reliable

Weather Monitoring

Our operations team does a preliminary check on weather conditions during the flight planning process. If conditions are unfavorable at the destination airport, an alternate landing location is determined and appropriate amount of fuel is planned for. Weather is then checked by the operations team and the pilots to ensure that the flight can safely depart and arrive.  With the latest and greatest tools, our pilots and operations team are able to plan ahead for your safety and comfort. 

Here to serve with

Disaster Relief

When people are in need, we are there to serve the community. We have a reputation for taking care of people and not taking advantage of them when times are hard and access to air travel is limited. Hurricanes are an example that comes to mind. We saw competitors and brokers driving up costs for people trying to get out of a hurricane path. Instead of standing by and allowing that to happen, we helped our customers by selling flights at cost to quickly get them out of harms’ way, without making a profit. 

Ideal Flight

LEX – PBI at a quick two hours you can depart a private facility and land at your beach locale in the time it would take you to watch a movie. Popcorn anyone?


TEB – SNA need to go cross-country? We can take you there, non-stop. With no connections or hassle, we’ll get you from point A to point B in comfort and style on the Citation Latitude.


DCA – MYNN as a properly vetted corporate operator, we can take you from the Capitol to The Bahamas in one smooth flight. When you’re ready for the islands, we’re ready to take you there. 


Unmatched Standards


Exceptional Experience 


Luxurious Private Travel 


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